Email Client Setup

Generic Email Client Settings

What is an email client?

Email clients are applications on your computer or apps on your phone that retrieve emails and deliver them to your email inbox. Email clients can both send and receive your email messages. Microsoft Outlook and Mac Mail are two examples of email clients. This is a set up guide for the most common email clients.

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These are the generic settings and should work for any email client or mobile device.

SettingWhat You Input
Username:Your full email address
Password:Your email password
Connection Type:Server & Port info
POPIncoming Server:
Incoming Port: 995 with SSL enabled
IMAPIncoming Server:
Incoming Port: 993 with SSL enabled
SSL (Optional):Enabled
Outgoing Server Authentication:Enabled
Outgoing Port:465 with SSL enabled

Double-check your email client settings.

Review your settings again for any possible typographical errors (especially the email password).

Still Unable to Resolve the Issue On Your Own

We are always here to help you. If you have gone through all of the steps and still have an issue, please contact us!